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ok, i've had vicious profanity laced rants, more academic (although no less profanity laced) rants and letters to young black girls written. I erased them all.

And decided that this is all I'm going to say about John RACIST DICK SCUM Mayer:

When a dude says that his dick is white supremacist dick (insinuating that he does not find black women attractive enough to fuck) and makes all sorts of gendered racialized fucked up statements about black women and white women ON A MAJOR MEDIA SITE–You don't blow that shit off with "ZOMG he's such a troll, ignore him."

Especially after you just spent a month emailing me, texting me, facebooking me and writing posts about the sin that is Tim Tebow "using public airwaves" to spew his anti-women hate.

And especially ESPECIALLY not after you stop and consider that there's a whole slew of young girls that are Mayer's LISTENERS, SUPPORTERS and BUYERS that you will surely lecture and wring your hands over the next time they don't react to violence or abuse the way you want them to.

Isn't weird how when a black man is a sexist cock head spewing filth about black women, we all go: ZOMG black women, why are you putting up with this shit, why do you put race over gender???

But when it's a white man that is a sexist cock head spewing filth about black women, we all go: ZOMG why are we giving troll man a stage? Just ignore him?

Filth is filth. Cock heads are cock heads. And the integrity and honor of all the black girls that bought John Mayer's records deserve outrage, protests, email campaigns, marching in the streets and John Mayer's teeny tiny filthy little boy white supremacist dinky (because you have to be a man to have a dick or a cock) on a goddamn plate.


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