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Black American Women You Need to Know Day 11: Angela...


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Black American Women You Need to Know

Day 11: Angela Davis

Photo via Pan-African News Wire File Photos

(Sorry, Tumblr is being wonky and not allowing me to do any formatting or linking, so this post is short and unattractive, but i recommend you look her up and learn more about her.)

So, most of my online pals know that i was quite anxiously awaiting the opportunity to go hear Angela Davis speak last night. But i was unable to make it to the lecture, so i do not have excited "this is what she said" news for this post as planned.

Angela Davis has been an active advocate of civil rights and Black liberation for her whole life, risking life and career for standing up for what is right. She has also been outspoken against misogyny in the Black liberation movement and the struggle for women to be treated with respect in many social movements.


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