Friday, February 12, 2010

LatiNegr@s Project: Week One Roundup


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As you know, Black History Month (BHM) has begun and so has the LatiNegr@s Project. Here are several pieces that have been written and shared throughout the virtual homes of several contributors:

*Poet and Author Anthony wrote two posts this week. The first was a call to action for the LatiNegr@s Project and the next his memories and connection to the legacy and life of Roberto Clemente.

*Activist Liza Sabatar has pulled a few highlights from her decade of writing about her identity as a blatina and shares them with us. She is also one of the few (if not the only) LatiNegra who was included on The Root's Black Twitter: A Starter Kit.

*Prof.Susurro continues her highlight of community members for BHM (something you need to read on a weekly basis) and updates her site weekly. Her first posting including LatiNegr@s is on performance artist/activist Josefina Baez. She also has features on Dr. Marisa Richmond, the first Black trans woman to win a Tennessee election.

*My homeboy from back home, Hugo, shares his connection to and experience with the late Jean Michel Basquiat on his virtual home Chronicles of the American Pupusa where his muses focus mainly on popular culture and musica.

*Efrain Ortiz, Jr. had share information on Arturo Alfonso Shomburg on his virtual home Efrain's Corner and on our Tumblr page.

*Our project was also featured this week on Global Voices in a feature story "Latin America: Celebrating The Contributions of Afro-Latinos" to much support.

Please don't forget to visit the LatiNegr@s Tumblr Page and submit something! Please note the submit page is a different site address.


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