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Black American Women You Need to Know

Day 21: Gloria Naylor

Gloria Naylor is an author, the original owner of the title "wordsmith". People that recognize her name probably remember her for The Women of Brewster Place, as the "novel in seven stories" was made into a very popular movie by Oprah. i read that book just shortly out of high-school (perhaps even during my senior year; my memories of that time are somewhat muddled), having found it in the local queer bookstore (since gone out of business, sadly) and it had a huge effect on my life.

It wasn't until very recently that i found out there was another book, The Men of Brewster Place, and i snapped that right up when i found it. i haven't read it yet, as i decided it would be better to re-visit The Women first and just received a used copy today.

Of course Gloria has written other things as well and i look forward to reading them in time also. Most particularly i look forward to Bailey's Cafe.

The author Gloria Naylor (born 1950) wrote novels that emphasized the strengths of women, especially African American women, and the effects on the lives of people of racism, sexism, and the drive for material gain at any expense.


Some beautiful things Gloria has said or written that i find inspiring:

Not only is your story worth telling, but it can be told in words so painstakingly eloquent that it becomes a song.

Life is accepting what is and working from that.



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