Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Calling all Androids (a letter from your Chasemasters!)


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via Wondaland Arts Society by 2.0 on 2/16/10

It is time.

We have been getting your emails and your tweets. We have seen your blog entries, tags, and your status messages. You have told us about catching the spirit and running red lights listening to "Many Moons" and walking out of work to the tune of "Letting Go!" We've seen your dance recitals and You Tube covers of Sincerely, Jane, and we want to make sure that each and everyone of you know that you have inspired Janelle Monáe and the Wondaland Arts Society to complete Suites II and III. You have no idea how much you have been a part of this process-- in fact we can still hear the screams of support from each and every show that you have been to!

This week the first two singles off of Janelle Monáe's debut album, The ArchAndroid, will be released on www.Janellemonae.com. The first, "Tightrope," is going to make you dance all day, and its companion track "Cold War" will be the soundtrack to your self-discovery. [It is suggested that you prepare to cancel all appointments upon the release of this new music. If you can't get out of your shift that day, go on and make it the official "Take Your Songs to Work Day."]

You, The Chase, who have always known and always believed in the transformative power of this music, are still our early adopters and ambassadors. We will be looking to you all week to conduct this ArchOrchestra on your subways, in your cars, in your dance studios, on your blogs, and most importantly in your earbuds and earphones (make sure to jam extra hard so that people have to ask you "What are YOU listening to?!?").

We are asking each and every one of you to take the image you see attached to this letter and use it as your current profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, or any of your online playgrounds. It is important that we, The Chase, be the first ones to announce this music to our friends, enemies, loved ones, and complete strangers!!

Stay tuned to www.janellemonae.com this week! It is time to Dance or Die. It is time to embrace your superpowers. It is time to lead the Chase!

The Chasemasters-

George 2.0 and Jovian Zayne

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http://wondaland.blogspot.com said...

I'm glad there are people that love JM as much as I do! I can't wait for her album and I pray she gets the recognition she deserves!

MB said...

agreed! any chance she might open for little dragon at the masquerade 3/20? just a suggestion!