Friday, February 26, 2010

Growing Home: That Green Place in Your Hopeful Heart

"Spring travels at the rate of 17 miles a day."

Audre Lorde (early draft of "From the House of Yemaja")

I know. It may not feel like it (or here in Durham it may feel like Spring is messing with us by showing up and
dipping out every few days), but in the northern hemisphere...SPRING IS
ON THE WAY!!!!! I am cultivating the green spaces in my heart for
growth, for newborn beauty, for what will feed my spirit through this

I am also cultivating green spaces in my relationship to resources. Subscribing in a community supported bakery
run by a beloved comrade who lives around the corner and a POC
community supported farm up the road in Mebane. Encouraging the
delicious bake-off candidates in my community to donate sweets to the
School of Our Lorde Session and living some kind of new age community
teacher lifestyle...where folks bring food, trade video documentation,
or holistic healing sessions for their participation in the Eternal
Summer of the Black Feminist Mind educational programs. Where people
like you buy booklets and DVDs and make donations that are turning
paypal into a love note vector. I am literally living on love,
nurturing the hopeful ecology of my heart.

I know that it is going to be an amazing Spring, and I feel our planet transforming 17 miles a day or further, making
the space between you and me luscious and life-giving and perfect.

Tell me about the green space in your heart, your hopes for the season your literal or metaphorical crops on the way here:

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I love growing with you so much!!!!
love always,


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