Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog Comment "He Sleeps Around But He Gives Me A Lot"


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I agree with your comments but I have one caveat…

Yes, it's true that "raw dog" feels good, but we also forget that sex is also a negotiation. Sometimes *some* women (and girls) don't know how to require their men to wear condoms, nor do they know how to respond to the men pressuring them to have unprotected sex. As with all things in life, it's not as simple as saying "No glove, no love."

Some women may be afraid of losing their men, of giving him the impression she doesn't trust him…hell, some women have never been socialized or taught to say "no" to men period (hello, patriarchy!). For those of us who have the ability to say no but engage in risky behavior, then yes, part of the onus is on us. But what about the 17yo Foxy Brown who's being propositioned by the 35yo music exec or her boyfriend of two years who loves her "so much"? ~Tamara Robinson (((Wow. This comment just. Did so much for me. Thank you for sharing little bear.)))


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