Thursday, November 25, 2010

Native American History Month (needs more Black people!)


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So I was doing some reading on the Wampanoag for Thanksgiving/Indigenous Peoples Remembrance Day. Went to the "see also" section on the wikipedia page and saw Crispus Attucks listed. Curious, I clicked and was pleasantly surprised to find HE WAS BLACK INDIAN! Yessir, Crispus Attucks, first martyr of the Revolution was Wampanoag as well as Black. Attucks is apparently a common surname of Wampanoags who converted to Christianity. Algonquin linguists say it's an anglicized version of the word 'ahtuk' meaning 'deer.' And first hand accounts around the time recognized him as a mixed race man.

But whatevs, all you need to know is SCORE TEN POINTS FOR THE NEGROES! We be all up IN yo bloodlines! Straight smashin hegemonic constructions of indigeneity!

Make sure your Native American History Month readings smash the SHIT out of the Red-White binary so popular here in the US of A.

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