Monday, November 1, 2010

don’t wear us for halloween.


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if you are genuinely interested in other people's culture, and are not intending to mock, be hurtful and racist (even though you are) or buy into a trend, read a book about them, learn about thier history, and how that history affects their socio-political experiences today. do some political activism in collaboration with the community. not the kind where you think you are saving us, the kind that is actually collaborative. volunteer in communities you care about. help those communities dismantle racism by being responsible for your [and your peers'] actions and privilege. help prevent further colonization, imperialism, deforestation, in the cultures you are "intrigued by." if you "don't intend to be racist" don't wear our cultural symbols as trends, or "costumes" because for some of us, that is a meaningful part of our everyday life. not an odd, other, exotic thing to be showcased, or exploited. there are other ways to show interest in a community or culture besides wearing it on your sleeve. do a little more research please. but most of all, if you want to wear cultural symbols as trends, use your own culture. (photo from here).


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