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always remember the genocides eco-cides happening

we must discover new and old ways to revitalize the earth or we shall perish

this division that we make in our discourse and activism between nonviolence and violence is false.  in reality our definition of violence is 'stuff that the powers that be dont like'.  and that is not a helpful paradigm for determining what tactics we should use for our survival.  not only is it not helpful, it is contributing to our own demise.  taking nonviolence as a fundamental dogma is an act of suicide and a support of the genocide of others.

we cannot run away from trauma, because this culture in and of itself is traumatic.  our brokeness, traumatized selves, can be used by us to further destroy ourselves, or can be used as a way to let the love in and out.  we can breathe in the brokeness and breathe out the love, and vice versa.  we can see that we are all broken.  all traumatized.  all struggling.  all suffering.  we become broken when we believe the lie that we are better or worse (more or less important) than others.  which has me thinking about a post by bfp (i cant find it now) where she says that she doesnt like the word 'healing' because it assumes that we once were whole.  and maybe we were born broken, maybe there is no 'wholeness' to return to.  we are born broken.  we are told this lie of hierachy and separation from before birth.  see the violence of the childbearing year.

something i learned from my teacher.  dont call yourself a 'healer'.  no one can heal anyone else.  everyone must heal themselves.  all we are a 'good set of hands'.


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