Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nicki Minaj On Live with Regis & Kelly


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Nicki Minaj On Live with Regis & Kelly:


At 3:40, Regis slaps Nicki Minaj on the ass.

Where is the outrage?

Jesus Christ. Kanye West takes away a white girl's mic and suddenly he's hounded by the media and boo'd in public. Regis sexually harasses a black woman and, hey, no one gives a fuck. We'll just call it a love-tap, right? Or a joke. He was just joking, right?

Fuck that shit. I ask again: where is the outrage? Why is this acceptable?

UGH! I hate everything!!!! I HATE when this happens and I'm reminded of how America looks at me! I hate hoping that maybe THIS time a big org will care and notice and be outraged on Minaj's/my/colored girls behalf. Uggghhhhhhh I was SO not in the mood to read this right now! :(


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