Sunday, November 14, 2010

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[image: a scan of a zine page that reads,
"Sometimes semantics mean a lot.
Deconstructing oppression is not victimhood. Asking for support is not victimhood. Telling someone that I really can't handle trying to support them at the moment because of my own needs is not victimhood. This has been said before, but I feel like the most important elements of survivorhood are self-care and resistance. Self-care can be recognizing our limits and asserting them, recognizing our needs and asserting them, eating healthily and deliciously, gardening, talking a walk, meditating, going to a show, smoking pot, hanging out with animals, masturbating, appreciating ourselves, hiking, taking vitamins, taking our medications, talking to friends, doing schoolwork, watching the ants on the sidewalk, having rad consensual sex, identifying mushrooms in the forest, sewing, playing music, cooking, analyzing our behavior, working out… the possibilities are endless and should always, always be focused on our needs. Whatever I am doing for myself (obviously provided that I'm not violating anyone else) is valid and important, because I am important. Resistance can be making a zine, recognizing our needs and limits and asserting them, talking to friends, calling people out, making tinctures, playing music, political organizing, insurrecting, sewing, having rad consensual sex, creating, hanging out with animals, educating ourselves, guerrilla art, yada. So many of these intersect because resistance and self-care go hand-in-hand. Self-care is subversive. Our culture expects for us to not take care of our needs in a self-aware, proactive manner. The systems of oppression thrive on our denial of our needs. Smash the state, know yourself, love yourself."]


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