Thursday, December 31, 2009

2nd Annual Greatest American of the Year

yes!!!! And he's from Arkansas!


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After much consideration, I'm ready to declare the winner of the 2nd Annual Greatest American of the Year (GAY) Award.

And this year's Award goes to...

Will Phillips of West Fork Elementary in West Fork, Arkansas. To remind yourself of what Will did, check the extended CNN clip.

Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?

Well, I hope so but little Will here would probably give you a run for your money. I really admired the kid's resoluteness and articulation of the issue. Granted, he probably won't be reciting the Pledge anytime soon due to his rigid criteria, Will seems ready to endure the insults and threats to kick him out of the country for being less than a patriot. Although I hear that, thanks to the Tea Baggers, dissent is once again legal after an 8 year suspension...

But seriously, it would be great if we could get over this national phobia. Here in DC, the City Council passed legislation to legalize gay marriage (frankly, gov't should probably get out of the marriage game and sanction committed relationships/contracts. Leave marriage to religious bodies and outfits of that ilk) in the face of a lot of displeasure from certain members of the black clergy. So maybe we're moving closer to being a country Will can pledge allegiance to. But until then, stay strong my overly intelligent and articulate little civil libertarian.

We might need you to run some isht in a few years.

So for the second year in a row, someone who can't legally drive was America's greatest American. Wow. Adults really do suck.

Other candidates in the running for the GAY were: Michael Steele and Balloon Boy.

And now for the Anti-GAY:

Well, this year it was hard picking. I checked this guy out, but felt bad for him after seeing some of his other videos. Dude has bigger issues going on than his God-aweful songwriting.

So, instead it's a tie between Balloon Boy's dad and her.

All right, you all. Happy New Year.


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