Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shifting the Season: Quirky Does Chrismakwanzamadan

“Christmas is a very confusing time.” Audre Lorde, Unpublished Journal 1973

Word Mama Audre. Word. I know we have many spiritual practices and religions represented in this space, but I just have to come out and say it. The centering of a consumerist version of Christmas in the United States is A MESS! As QBG Moya and I were driving from Durham to Atlanta a few weeks ago we shook our heads at the madness of a season characterized by people killing each other in stampedes for the new version of Elmo, especially when we know that Jesus was actually born in June like Moya and Lucille Clifton and I. We even envisioned a t-shirt "Jesus was a Gemini: It's Solstice People!"

Long story short? Capitalism ruins everything. But we know that the planet spins with the beating of our hearts in mind and this season means what we make it mean. We reclaim this winter transition away from family guilt-trips, the posturing of gift tallies, ambiguously named Christian supremacist "holiday office parties" and whatever other stress-producing nonsense is supposed to fill these dark days.

This is the winter of my discontent. I'm realizing that I can't really do sunless days and afternoon darkness. Maybe I need to be much closer to the equator this time of year. But I'm also thinking a lot about hibernation, what it means, and why it could be great this time of year. At this time of year which seems to have more forced social obligations than any other, I'm cradling my latent mammal instincts and thinking about why staying home might be a really awesome idea, fattening up my reflective powers and my inner ear for listening to my ancestors and my dreams.

Redefine this season for yourself. What does this winter mean to you? Join the discussion here: http://quirkyblackgirls.ning.com/forum/topics/shifting-the-season

Also don't forget to send your brilliance for the QBG Zine: Love Edition to quirkyblackgirls@gmail.com tomorrow. We can't wait to curl up with your genius filled words and images!

Oh and if you live in Durham (or some other part of the universe) up your faith in Black Feminist Prophecy and check out Octavia Butler's Speech Sounds and let us know what you think here: http://blackfeministmind.wordpress.com/2009/12/03/octavia-butler-black-feminist-prophecy/

Dreamy-eyed, bundled-up mammal love to you!


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