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Sheena Rose| Shows us the TOWN... & more.


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I am so excited about sharing this particular artist because she has very recently made her U.S. debut this past November at Real Artways' West Indian Film Series. (Great article here!) Sheena Rose is a name that will surely begin to frequent the world's prominent art cyphers within this upcoming year. A proud Barbadian, Rose typically expounds on her home country's culture in the animated projects that she creates. Her most acclaimed work is Town. As for why she favors illustrating her culture, she says it best:

"I am interested in the daily lives of Barbadian people, especially with what is going on in their minds...I want the viewers to have the feeling of being overwhelmed by the chaotic traffic, of people's voices speaking over each other, and the over crowding of text and images that constantly shift around as the animation plays."

I really appreciate Rose's keen sensitivity to of everyday occurrences as an artist. We as a society can become so engulfed with the day-to-day chase that we sometimes easily forget that with each breath, hello, goodbye, or moment of stillness we are indeed creating an experience that can be only once-lived. Rose beautifully recaptures these moments of truth in her animated projects. And, Town is no exception. Her choice of mix media aids the visual translation of this very particular combustion of street energy that is a staple of Barbadian culture. In Town, Rose succeeds in exhibiting how it takes only a few moments of introspection to recognize the method to a seemingly habitual madness; the same of which could perhaps lead to an actual appreciation of the very same. Needless to say, good art will do that to ya!

I can't wait to see more from Rose. She is definitely a raw talent under B|B|C's radar. ;-)


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