Monday, December 14, 2009

Fwd: CFP Black Camera Special Issue: Sexuality and Eroticism

 Black Camera invites submissions for a special issue on "Sexuality and Eroticism in Black Film, Cinema, and Video" to be published in Fall 2011.
Black Camera is peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study and documentation of the black cinematic experience and is the only scholarly film journal of its kind in the United States.
Black Camera will devote this special issue to examine, review, and challenge traditional scholarship on Black sexuality in film.  Black is meant to cover communities in Africa, Africa America, the Caribbean, and other African Diaspora sites, while sexuality includes LGBTQ, heterosexual, and numerous other sexualities where the object of desire is based on something other than gender.   
The editor is interested in essays that deal with filmmakers', directors', and screenwriters', visions of Black sexual desire and pleasure, sexual cultures and subcultures, sexual representation, sexual agency, sexual identity, sexual violence, sexual roles, sexual nudity, sexual foreplay and intercourse within the following possible questions, topic, or themes:
What cinematic techniques/strategies do Black filmmakers deploy to represent eros and sexuality?  How does class, gender, sexual, orientation, geography, and nation impact the representations of eros and sexuality in Black film? How has technology in Black film and video changed or challenged discussions about Back sexuality?  What is the importance of race in determining and negotiating criteria of obscenity, pornography, and MPAAA film ratings?  How have Black consumers and non-Black audiences contributed to or shaped the representation of sexuality in Black film and video?

Black documentary films and sexuality (LGBTQ or heterosexual)
Black independent cinema and sexuality
Sexuality in Black silent/ race movie films
Sexuality in Blaxploitation
Sexuality and the urban genre
Sexuality and the buppie genre
Sexuality in Caribbean Films
Sexuality in African Films
Black Nudity in Film
Black masculinity/femininity in adult films/pornography
Black heterosexuality in adult films/pornography
Black LGTBQ and adult films/pornography
Black nude and nudity
LGBTQ in mainstream films
HIV/AIDS  and Black communities or nations
Internet, youtube, amateur video
Sexual instruction videos
Interracial sex
Teen sex
Sex Symbols
Sexuality and religion
Sexuality in the canon of a specific filmmaker (mainstream, independent, or documentary filmmakers)
Color caste system and sexuality
Class and sexuality
Film festivals

Accepting essays, book and film reviews, and commentaries. Essays should be 6000-10000 words.   Interviews (6000 words), commentaries (1000-2000 words), book and film reviews (500-1500 words), should also pertain to theme of the journal issue.  Editor welcomes work from a variety of disciplines and from a broad-range of theoretical and political philosophies.
Please submit completed essays, a 100-word abstract, a 50-word bio and a CV by April 5, 2010. Submissions should use the Chicago Manual of Style 15th Edition.  Please see journal guidelines for more on submission policy:    
Direct all questions and correspondences to guest editor L.H. Stallings (

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