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I've taken dance classes since damn near before I could speak
And I guess I really shouldn't state that as, "I have taken"
rather, I took

my mother had me in interpretive modern sorts of stuff that I can only pretend to recall from the pictures that remain because those days preceed my memory. seriously
toddlers in tutus
and I stopped dancing
(tap, ballet and jazz)
around the age when more pressing items were on the table...
attending to my own incredible self-absorbsion
lamenting my glacial pubescence
you know, the important stuff

I took a few more jabs at it in highschool, college (adding West African to the lot) and all in between and after
(with waning being the general trend of my strength and flexiblity)
I've sought out little rendevous:
at the club
in my livingroom
doing yoga
taking Salsa
all in my attempt to ease my way back in to studied movement

and now I'm at Ailey
which is something I've been meaning to undertake since first arriving in New York

Ailey Extension is comprised of bunch of dance techniques that are taught for the general public to take. I've done Samba, Afro-Cuban, The Horton Technique (which is modern), and Ballet

But, I keep wandering into classes that are too advanced for me
somewhat on accident
and somewhat because I have this inflated view of my physical capability
I'm kind of amazing in my head
And I mean,
anyone off the street with absolutely no dance experience can walk into the beginners I class,
I have some past experience
so I'll take beginners II... right?

"releverelevereleve! higher, higher!"
"give me a point, POINT!"
:::cutting off the music:::
"some of you guys need to go back to beginners I, you should know these things... where are your angles?! where is your audience?!!"

granny in the back (i.e. me), head hung in shame ->...:::oh, i'm pretty sure he's talking about me:::..
but, I'm not beaten!
on the contrary, I'm determined (with a bit of after class feedback from instructors who said I should keep coming)

I know now what I'm actually working with
and next year I'm committing to being a regular dancer
it's been the one and only thing (besides maybe writing which is a whole other animal to speak of) that I consistently come back to in life
it moves me
and it's good for me
and I should be good at it

speak Spanish
get into grad school

prayers and cash are welcomed.


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