Wednesday, December 9, 2009

INTRODUCING: (re)thinking walking zine by BFP!


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via flip flopping joy by brownfemipower on 12/9/09


The first zine hand made by brownfemipower, the editorista of the blog, Flip Flopping Joy. Featuring continued commentary in the manner of (re)thinking walking, this zine grapples with brownfemipower's place as a survivor, Latina, Chicana, immigrant, sexual, organizing, moving mami.

Cost: Baseline=$1.00 plus $1.00 for shipping. If you feel it is worth more, please consider paying more! All collected monies will go towards maintaining this website (webhosting services) and the creation of future zines!

Delivery Info: I will be sending out zines every Monday and Thursday. Latest order times for each date will be 8 PM EST the previous day. So, if you order your zine on Sunday at 7:35 PM EST, your zine will go in the mail Monday.

If you order your zine any time on Monday, however, it will be put in the mail on the very next Thursday.

I am doing it this way so that my helper can help me make sure I have all the organizational paper work-y type stuff (for example: correct addresses, etc) taken care of properly.


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