Friday, December 11, 2009

canary in the mine


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notes on video:

  • why do afr am women have babies that are born too small at twice the rate as white am women?
  • originally thought that the disparity, the gap was caused by the socio economic differences between white and black americans
  • but the gap widened as socio economic status improved
  • there's something about growing up as a black female in the us that is not good for your childbearing health
  • what is behind the low birth weight and early born babes of african american babes, is the unequal treatment of afr am's in american society
  • racism is taking a heavy toll on african american people even before they leave the womb
  • one of the best predictors for a healthy pregnancy outcome is higher education
  • 1/14 babies born with low birth weights, at a high risk of dying before their first birthday
  • pre term and low birth weight are the reason that the us claims one of the worst infant survival rates in the industrialized world, #34
  • infant survival rates is like the 'canary in the mine', the most sensitive of indicators of social health
  • white americans if they were a seperate country would still rank 23rd in the world

i am thinking about what it means that 'infant mortality rates' act as a 'canary in the mine' for indicators of social health.  and what it means to our survival, as a people, that our children are born as survivors of racism and medical violence.


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The Diary of a Shy Black Woman said...

wow! I had no idea. I don't have children yet but now this will be something to research before I do so I can try to make it as healthy as possible.