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Wheelchair Dancer: Trauma Matters


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Wheelchair Dancer: Trauma Matters.

Call for submissions: Icarus Scarsongs Trauma Reader

An Anthology Articulating the Terrain of Trauma and Resilience

Trauma matters.

When safety and connection are shattered, when we live through pain and horror, when we experience mutual support and resilience, fault lines erupt across our lives and divide our communities. Exploring the fallout is not a sign of weakness; it is an essential part of preparing to rejoin struggles for sanity, peace, and liberation. When we spend time healing and articulating the contours of our experience, we become capable of illuminating the way for others and building a movement that can sustain itself in the long term.

We believe it is time for a reader that tells our stories and gathers our poems, radiates with our art and speaks our thoughts. Understanding and being able to relate, calling out and hearing other voices can help us to find individual and collective strength in the face of political, ecological, social and personal trauma.

Your input can be very valuable to other people.

This project is a collaboration of the Icarus project, the Bay Area Radical Mental Health Collective, and Activist Trauma Support. Our aim is to create a beautiful, creative, readable document about trauma and resilience, drawing from a diversity of communities and backgrounds and addressing a wide range of topics and experiences.

We invite submissions in a range of formats, including, but not limited to, essays, interviews, stories, poems, songs, illustrations, photographs, paintings, and collage. We invite submissions on:

  • The wounding and the pain - abuse, assault, rape, war, death, police brutality, oppression, physical and structural violence, ritualistic and systematic abuse, natural disasters, catastrophic and chronic illness, birth and generational trauma, and political repression. Fear, anxiety, panic, dissociation, nightmares, addiction, post traumatic stress, depression, self-mutilation, self-harm, suicide.
  • The healing and resilience - community support, creativity, grieving, nature, self-care, personal ritual, expression, therapy, activism, holding abusers and oppressors accountable, connecting with allies, looking inwards and speaking out.
  • The importance of trauma work to building movements of collective liberation and social justice.
  • Experiences of trauma support on an individual, community and political scale.

We understand trauma as self-defined and submissions can stay anonymous if desired.

The deadline for submissions is March 21st, 2010. You can also send us your ideas and ask for feedback on whether they would fit.

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