Monday, December 7, 2009

Letting Go!

Is letting go

a process or a price

what am i paying for

not seeing sooner?

learning at the edge?

letting go

of something precious but no longer needed?

(Audre Lorde, Unpublished)

Greetings love,

Do you feel freer and less encumbered? Well you should because we are letting go of stuff. Letting go of false expectations. Letting go of the 15 extra tasks we squeezed into the to-do list. Letting go of habits and relationships to ourselves and others that don't serve us. We are making room for love to transform everything. And as always, we are guided in this process by Audre (our) Lorde. Letting go brings up questions and teaches us deeply. What are you letting go of with this year? It was fine in 2009 but it's 2010 and I don't want to see it again :) Add to the discussion in the forum:

Letting go is a special form of freedom. And release is powerful. And speaking of freedom and release...I'm pysched that of my favorite Quirky Black Girl music makers release her free LP Black Girls Rock last week. It's the truth...the album and the title. Download it for yourself here. Be sure to listen at least twice:

Rock on! Ooh and if you are wise and blessed enough to live near Durham, come out to the Black Girls Rock event:

And another great thing about letting go is that it gives us great clarity about what we are really supposed to be up QBG Moya who gave birth to this great idea for a big beautiful QBG Festival in 2012. If you want to dream and scheme about what that would look like (and we know you do!) email and we'll invite you into the google wave process of visioning what that will look like!

And finally we invite you to RELEASE those beautiful submissions for the Quirky Black Girls LOVE zine that you have been holding on your heart. We would love to have everything by December 15th so send 'em on in!!!!!

Letting my love go so it can meet you wherever you are with bursts of grace and delight!



Visit Quirky Black Girls at:

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