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via Raven's Eye by maia on 12/30/09

stuff i would like for raven's eye to focus on in the upcoming year:

the impact of climate change and land theft on women of color and third world women

solutions for us on how to survive the upcoming–white and rich folks fuck up the world–crisis that is already happening and continues to happen and if copenhagen showed us anything, the white and rich folks

and goddamn obama for being the ring leader of screwing us over at copenhagen. do not believe cnn or whatever us news outlet you may have read. china was a part of copenhangen falling apart. but the us was the elephant in the room. and everyone knew it. i will be posting clips from aljazeera and other alternative news outlets when i get off this much needed vacay but let it be said. i was SHOCKED by the lack of coverage of copenhagen in the us media. which was reflected in the lack of blog posts  by us-based woc.

everyone seemed to be talking about tiger and i wanted to be…wait! wait! do you realize that most of the world is watching copenhagen like their children's lives depended on it…because they do?

sorry for sounding self righteous about it. its not like i was writing anything about it at the time. i personally needed time to think about what was going down in copenhagen because shit was deep…but after talking to a sister today, i realized shit is too deep for me to pretend like i can figure this out on my own.

we need to build community around environmental justice and racial justice. we need to build trans national or international or whatever you want to call it connections with women who are suffeing the brunt of the climate disasters as they roll over oceans and deserts.

i really hope yall dont mind my tone.

we need to figure out how to build new houses with what is available. and what will be available. how to create new economies. we need to learn from those who have been living in the midst of disasters, wars, forced migrations and we need to give in exchange what they ask of us because their knowledge may save our lives.

i may not know how many pieces tiger had on the side, but i know that indigenous communities are disappearing quicker than the rainforest and damn, cause the rainforest is disappearing quick.

which means that i also want to focus much more on indigenous communities.

on cultural preservation.  on language as a means of living.

when i was watching al jazeera during copenhagen, i must have been drinking hormones, cause about ten times a day they would show this clip of a woman from a small island that was about to disappear because of rising sea levels. and the thing she said that just kept repeating in my head was: we have the right to cultural survival.

and lets focus on the ways that the environment interacts with our bodies.

in other words i want to focus on our lives and our survival.

because i think we are worth it.


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