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I think it's important to remember the voices of Black Gay and Lesbian ancestors in The United States and the double, sometimes triple layered application of prejudice they had to go through.  There would be no Harlem Renaissance without these ancestors—they nearly embodied the creative drive that fueled it.  This country also owes a debt to those who fought in the Black civil rights movement both white and black.

And we all need to feel shame in that in many ways we're turning our back on this history like it never happened, like these spirits aren't part of our community.

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It Did Not Start With Stonewall (via adodom)

Our revolution didn't start with Stonewall. African-American lesbian elders tell the tales of gay New York life in Harlem, Brooklyn and the Bronx before the world-altering Stonewall rebellion. In this clip they recall, raids and suffocating laws and racial discrimination faced within the gay community.

Came across this preparing some Black History Month posts, and figured they're definitely some Black American Women You Need To Know. Unfortunately I can't find any credits to know their names or what it's excerpted from. If anyone knows, please share!

"We paid an awful lot of dues, so that the younger people of today can feel the freedom to walk along holding hands".

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