Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Its been a while since a BOSCO update, but this email is a little more personal to a VERY select few: Bosco has been hard at work since her European excursion. Shes been in the studio non-stop working on "BLACK" her debut album to be released Early Summer... but in the mean time we have a sneak peak for your ears...
If you have seen BOSCO performing live, you know well enough that what you are about to hear is a song that truly captures her live performances and the energy she puts into it each time.
As a special THANK you for all your support...
from downloading Spectrum 2.0 , featuring her on your sites, interviewing her, booking her for shows, and just really really being helpful along the way... you will be able to download her new song "RAGDOLL" at 12am before we go public with the link.
In the mean time you can get a sneak peak NOW.
The song will not appear on the site till 12am sharp. So please check back then
Song will be released tomorrow for EVERYONE to hear.
Feedback is welcome!
To our dear Journalist: We would appreciate all your continued or new support by posting it to your sites and sharing it with your readers.

Images and Art DIrection courtesy of MISTER COLLINS
http://www.mist ercollinsdesign .blogspot.com 
All we ask is you direct download links back to www.BOSCO.bandcamp.com to download the track directly from her site.
We will be releasing songs monthly leading up to the album. Again. Thank you all so much for your continued support. We hope you enjoy the track and get the chance to see her perform it LIVE soon!
Our Best, with Love
Fadia Kader, BOSCO, Branden Collins and Omar Ferrer
Upcoming Shows:

(performing for the 1st time in ATLANTA since her show with JDAVEY last March)

Spectrum 2.0 (re:release) :
You can still get SPECTRUM 2.0 FREE 
click the link below:

"Black & White" Video
Click the image below to watch

Management & Booking:
Fadia Kader

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