Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear Universe,

Preach!!! I mean seriously, where you at?


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via on 2/4/10

Have you talked to Janelle Monáe in the last few months? Where is she? When is the Arc Android album album being release? Is she hiding from us? Is she mad at us? Does she still love us? Do she know how much we still love her? If you see her could you tell her to send us a sign? Could you do that for me?


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Nate Wonder said...

Dear quirky black girls,

I have been in close contact with Janelle Monáe recently. And she says that she "loves you" and in fact, has not abandoned you. She also says that she has a special surprise for you next week. Actually several of them (including a press release).


The Universe. said...

I can't wait!

MB said...

yay!!!! thanks Nate Wonder!!! and wondaland crew!

g_hamilton11 said...

:)mmmmm, surprises from Ms. Monae...sounds like an adventure that can only happen when following the violet stars up Neon Valley Street. Needless to say, I'm very excited about the album!!!! I can't wait to hear what surprises will be on Arch Android.