Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grammys: High Notes, Low Notes


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Yes, this is another awards show post.

I didn't even intend to watch the Grammy's. I did't know they were airing this weekend until a coworker hipped me to it on Friday before I left work. Generally, I'm into the TV and film awards more than those for music, but I decided to check it out. Not that what I think has any baring, but here are my personal high and low notes for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards:

High Note: Lady Gaga and Elton John opening the show. Loved it.

Low Note: Lady Gaga not receiving album of the year.

High Note: Pink's performance.

Low Note: Anybody sitting underneath Pink's wet n' wild extravaganza.

High Note: "Earth Song" tribute. I love that song, and I think it actually made me fist pump like a champ.

Low Note: This wasn't so much a low note as a rest or refrain. Beyoncé's performance was solid but derivative. Why do I feel like I've seen in before? Because I have; talk about déjà vu.

High Note: Tarantino calling Em and Wayne "glorious bastards".

Low Note: Well, everything else Tarantino said.

High Note: "21 Guns" performance with the Broadway cast = awesome

Low Note: Taylor Swift's performance. Having Stevie Knicks was cool, but Miss Swift was off key and out of breath most of the time.

High Note: Bon Jovi. No fist pumping here, though it would have been appropriate, no?

Low Note: The sound kept crapping out during the Drake/Wayne/Em performance. Did the sound techs go home, or was that just my TV?

High Note: Maxwell – and with Roberta Flack, no less!

High, High Note: Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli. It was beautiful, and Mary holds her own with anybody. That's diva.

What's with me and the lists? Good grief, Teresa, would it kill you to writing in cohesive, thoughtful paragraphs once in a while?


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