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Sade - Soldier of Love [Album Review]


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"Soldier of Love"
is an edgy, mid tempo, emotive declaration. When I first listened to the song I was totally into it. Some fans didn't share my sentiments, I think that's primarily because unlike their earlier material it's not lacy & soft. It's a little rough with it's harsh guitar rifts, heavy drums, and synthe sounds. The song's military cadence suggests a relentless allegiance to something that eludes so many of us, love. As rough as this track is, Adu's gentle vocals sort of balance things out. I don't think it is overwhelming. It's raw, but palatable. I honestly think it's an incredible song, well crafted and arguably the best R&B song released in the last six months.

" is very reminiscent of classic Sade. It's beautifully written and offers  such an inspiring powerful message about a father's love—-a love that is missing for a lot of people in the last few generations. There's nothing like knowing that your dad loves you. I love this one.

"Be That Easy" has a folksy/country twang and for some reason it's my least favorite song on the album. It's not on the same level as the rest of the album. Perhaps that was their intention but it fell short for me, it didn't move me at all.

"In Another Time" is probably my second favorite from this album. The horns, strings, piano, guitar…ugh! The melody was familiar but they layered it and made it fresh and intriguing. Adu's vocals are almost secondary at some points because of the energy they put into the music itself. Great great great song.

"The Moon and the Sky"
The best track from this record. I can't really explain why, it just is. You have to listen to it for yourself.

Sade's new album is not the supernova that I anticipated, it's a really solid cohesive record though. It's a little predictable. I didn't anticipate any drastic changes in their sound but some tracks were lacking. All criticism aside, I love Sade. I enjoyed the album, I think you all should get a copy Tuesday February 8th! Support them, it's worth every penny. I'm gonna pre-order my copy on now.


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