Thursday, February 4, 2010

Susan Justice| Freedom w/in + Freedom w/out


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"I write about my struggle for truth and freedom, not freedom in a grandiose, global sense, but the internal freedom to be myself. -Susan Justice

Susan Justice, formerly know as Susan Cagle, rose to fame via a requested performance on Oprah. Her impromptu NYC subway jams became legendary street art and soon catapulted her notoriety into the music world.

Even through a tumultuous period in the industry thereafter, she remains true to her "heART." -Gotta respect that. Her self-recorded 2003 release, "The Subway Recordings" yet remains to be a gem. -Dare I say, she was the industry's litmus test for the "present-day, black indie chick w/ an instrument" motif. (Yep- went there.) Inset image courtesy of Amazon

I'm hearing she is in the lab doing what the scientists do. - It does a music lover's heart good to know that their are artists who take their time to ensure their art remains organic and true. The freedom that Justice seeks within definitely shines with out... Among other things, I'd call it grandoise. ;-)

Check out one of her back in the day NYC subway blowouts...


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