Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And You Thought We Damn Dusty Womminz Made Up The Word PovertyPorn For Fun


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Click this only if you can take puking in your mouth. 

This is a screen cap from the Girl Store, where one can buy books and school supplies for Indian girls. I admire their goal but I won't lie, I started crying looking at this. 

  • There are many animated 'doll-like' girls you can choose to help. Upon placing the cursor, they move.
  • These doll-girl-pity-objects look either sad or miserable.
  • You can choose which girl to choose, perhaps who looks cuter, more miserable that comes into play. 
  • This still furthers the idea that all Indian girls are is street-urchins who must be saved and salvaged from the evil Indian society. 

Surely, there are other ways to support these girls without turning them into objects of fetishised poverty, no? 

No joke, there's a muddy puddle where I'm squatting today.

(h/t to iced-chai)

-_______-   I hate everything.


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