Monday, January 17, 2011

follow up golden globes...


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and i admit, while i am a big old nasty grandma perv that will do what she can to convince young things to sit on my lap—I *was* kinda grossed out by the level of sexual innuendo and outright creepy sexual come ons last night. robert dinero took the cake with the full body scan of megan fox comment, and the constant "THE LESBIAN MOVIE" refrain, after they call the the gay television relationship the "two male relationship" or something like that.

i normally love the fuck out of paul giamati—but halle berry looked crrrrreeeped the fuck out (when he said something along the lines of halle berry and godiva chocolates I don't know what the full thing was cuz it was edited)—and I have to imagine she's fairly fucking goddamn TIRED of all the white guys humping all over her at the podium. why is the one black woman who manages to get herself up to the podium constantly reduced to fuck material by white men?

Yeah, when she walked on stage and I heard folks in the audience woot and holler at her I wanted to barf. Like, really? She's your colleague and this is NOT the venue for that. She's not there to be sexy for you.

And I COMPLETELY missed the connection between the godiva chocolates thing. He was making a connection between chocolates and Berry??? *vomits*


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