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brown. round. boi.: [today: currently 29, january 2010] summary & trying to ...


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brown. round. boi.: [today: currently 29, january 2010] summary & trying to process it all.:


  • online for hours with my little cousin who was just deployed to afghanistan. words used: special intel, classified, hot spot, etc. ugh. i mean, really? her daughter is starting kindergarten and she cannot be there for her daughter.  all i said was, "please be careful and not hurt yourself or hurt/kill other people."  she said she'd try. fucking poc/poor people being used as fodder to do colonial empire dirty work. the 2 of us see war very differently but agree, she wishes she could be with her daughter and family. this system… this system.
  • tunisia, egypt, etc. oh. my goodness. dictatorship and state repression abounds. sending solidarity to people rising up and people facing violence.
  • GOP re-defining rape. are you fucking serious?!#
  • haiti burning  monsanto's corrupted seeds, y'all. i mean, that is such a fiery and wonderful victory. Why would Monsanto be so eager to donate seeds that could potentially compromise the health of so many famished people?
  • on DAVID KATO's murder and death in Uganda— i feel this homophobia is perpetuated & fueled by the u.s. evangelical movement: " "It was introduced in 2009 by a member of parliament named David Bahati, whom Sharlet identifies as a "rising star" in the powerful American evangelical movement known as The Family. And it was written, and heavily promoted, with the help of three American evangelicals who toured Uganda in March of that year. These self-described "experts," goaded packed houses of Ugandans to persecute LGBT people by feeding them the usual garbage—no longer quite so salable in the United States—about LGBT people undermining family values, along with the usual claims about gay men preying on teenage boys."
  • howard zinn passing away.


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