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Fuck Yeah FTMs of Color: 2011 Trans Conference Guide


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Fuck Yeah FTMs of Color: 2011 Trans Conference Guide:

BUTCH Voices (August 18 - 22nd) should be on this list

The mission of BUTCH Voices is to enhance and sustain the well-being of all women, female-bodied, and trans-identified individuals who are masculine of center*.  We achieve this by providing programs that build community, positive visibility and empower us to advocate for our whole selves inclusive of and beyond our gender identity and sexual orientation.

Our community is vast and growing and we have many identifications that resemble what the world knows as our "butchness." We recognize our diversity as having a foundation rooted in butch heritage. We welcome the on-going development of movements intentionally and critically inclusive of our gender variant community. BUTCH Voices is a social justice organization that is race and gender inclusive, pro-womanist and feminist. [-bLaK.]

2011 Confirmed Conferences

First Event – 31st Annual!
First Event is one of the largest transgender conferences, welcoming everyone from the transgender community and our supporters: crossdressers, transsexuals, intersex individuals, M2Fs, F2Ms, and their significant others are all welcome….


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