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"New Ariz. Proposal Could Revoke U.S. Citizenship of Immigrant ChildrenIn Ar...


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"New Ariz. Proposal Could Revoke U.S. Citizenship of Immigrant Children
In Arizona, Republican state lawmakers have introduced a measure that would challenge the U.S. citizenship of children born to undocumented workers. It is the second measure challenging the 14th Amendment to be introduced this year, following a similar proposal in Indiana last week."


Democracy Now! | Headlines for January 28, 2011

NO democracy now! These proposals would not revoke citizenship of "Immigrant" children—they would revoke citizenship of US CITIZENS. They are NOT immigrants, they are US NATURAL BORN CITIZENS.

(p.s i appreciate the effort to find new language that is not dependent on "anchor babies"—but—there is no logic to the arguments to take citizenship away—and thus, that should be exposed. Instead of trying to make a white supremacist violent position make sense in a headline—just say—Nativists Propose New Citizenship Criteria. Or something like that.

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