Thursday, February 4, 2010

I See You!!!!: Affirming the Quirktastic

usually seeing is a matter

of what’s in front of your eyes


what’s behind your brain

-Audre Lorde (diary March 13th, 1974)

I see you. And it's a big deal. Because there is a big 'ol mass media project that could be called how not to see the
complexity and transformation living on the planet in the form of Black
girls who love themselves. But I see you. And I'm beside myself (and
you!) with joy and gratitude that you are doing it. The miraculous
work of being you. Because I know it was never easy. And I also know
it has always been a gift to the universe.

I was emailing with a cherished fellow QBG early this morning about how it's a revolutionary thing to bring our whole
selves into spaces that just want to use pieces of us. It is a
revolutionary act to bring our very simple transformative desires to
bear in culture that wants to reproduce some very absurd nonsense (i.e.
people are property, love is scarce, god is a prude). I wonder if you
see how fierce you are. I wonder if you notice the chorus of ancestors
and people to come cheering wildly at how you are BRINGING it!

Sometimes I feel completely disconnected, misunderstood and alienated, and then some Lorde-sent sister reminds me
that my work on this planet is as necessary as water, and as
life-giving for all of us. I'm thrilled to be that sister for you
today. Girl, I see you. And I'm standing on my desk chair screaming
for joy.

Use this space to affirm or acknowledge someone whose awesomeness you are especially grateful for today:

And speaking of "seeing you" QBG Moya is about to update who the "featured members" on the QBG Ning site. Email to let us know if you'd like to featured. Maybe your profile picture captured that awesome light on that awesome day when you had that awesome smile inspired by the awesome person taking the picture looking at you so awesomely :) Maybe you are looking for quirky Black girl love. Maybe you are doing some cool stuff that we should all which case please also email me at so I can praise your name in the next weekly update. And post to the QBG blog at! (email quirkyblackgirls@gmail for info on how to link your existing blog up...or get invited to post)

I'm spinning with joy at the fact that the School of Our Lorde poetry unit starts tonight in Durham and the June Jordan Saturday Survival School kicks off this weekend and so does Queer Black Sunday
School! Remember that if you want to support any of the crazy-delicious
Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind educational initiatives you can do so...and if you send your address and at least 15 bucks you'll get the super-charged RAGE edition of the Little Black Feminist Book Series! More info here!

It is so EASY to stay so inspired in your presence and so giddily in love with what it means that you are YOU!

infinite love,


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