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Based in Washington DC, These group of women are taking Nina Simone's famous song to "Four Women" to a whole wonderful new level. Read below for their vision for the project, check out the site and then donate to support their cause! Definitely women who are afraid to SHINE!

[Vision Statement for "Four Women":  The Saartjie Project is embarking on a new project, exploring the lives of four women (Peaches, Saffronia, Aunt Sarah, Sweet Thing) through poem, movement and original performance art by members of the collective. We are exploring Nina Simone's song to find the spaces of LIBERATION. For us this is a multi-sensory experience - what do we smell, taste, feel, see?   What is the back-story, how does each woman walk down the street, make love, take a bath, smoke cigars?  What is her favorite cologne?  Everything.]


Donate by mail: The Saartjie Project, c/o Clutch 920 U Street, NW Washington DC, 20007


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