Monday, January 10, 2011

healingsakina:reblogging for V at Grrspit :)mine is “don’t...


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reblogging for V at Grrspit :)

mine is "don't touch my scarf". i don't know why folks feel it's appropriate to lift my scarf to "see if it's attached" to my dress or to "see what your hair is like". and i don't even mean strangers on the street, this has only happened by people who have some acquaintenceship to me (once it was an interpreter when i was an interpreter scheduler, for example. another time it was a MUSLIM BROTHER who stopped by to visit with my brother and grabbed the side of my scarf because he was "curious to see your hair" while i was handing him a cup of coffee.) and SHOULD KNOW BETTER. i get asked A LOT by people who know me what my hair is like. that seems weird to me, but at least i can understand the curiosity. but to be pushy? to put your hands on me? NO. also, other Muslim women have gotten very pushy and touchy about why i won't uncover at sisters' parties and such. really… it's not complex: keep your hands to yourself.

body autonomy, people. respect it, period.


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