Saturday, January 8, 2011

I keep trying


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but I s don't have a lot right now that isn't


Congresswomen getting shot

folks are " shocked" at the 14th Amendment " discussion"

Kanye West's monster

Dying birds

"If it can not be ours we will kill it"

My teeth get edgy and my stomach drops and my chest buns

because part of me wants to

School Daze wake upcall

and meat space me is gaining and losing weight ( mostly gaining) and scared of leaving my house

and let me tell you


It's scary and it's going to get scarier

and the naivete the I can't believe isn't reading or looking like actual learning

it's looking like willfull cannibalism

If it is not ours we will kill it

It's every "anchor baby" ( I am one technically and fuck you VERY MUCH) joke about the infestation and plague about make folks illegal and unwanted

It's every lousy and clear mental health joke that lets you sidestep how ingrained it is in our very fabric that this is how we solve problems

It's every silent moment that happens when the truth is uncomfortable and might make you less of teh dream you though t to be

so instead it turns into how you cna be closer to that dream

it's teh every " this is my family" said not as a  a statement of fact or place to work from

but as an excuse to let it slide

it's the bumrush to drown out anyone whose  voice can point out hwo long you were silent

it's teh " lobe gunmen" who isn't part of a world that is sick that has sickness

it's scary and frightening and teh part of you that makes its omething that can't be just politics and

yeah I keep trying

Not surprising. Not a coincidence. Hell, my facebook status on thursday? In response to AZ 14th amendment bs?

Everyone should be scared shitless right now. If you are anything but a rich, able-bodied, non trans, Christian, hetero, white (Like, Anglo-Aryan white. Not even Slavs can afford to be f*ckin around right now) adult man— YOU SHOULD START WORRYING.

And I edit that statement. You shouldn't be scared. You should be fucking prepared.


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