Monday, January 10, 2011

some of y'all have it fucked up.


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so lemme run it down for you:

rape isn't funny.

molestation isn't funny.

mocking and/ or blaming victims makes you an asshole.

coercion is not the same thing as full consent.

the sexuality of another human being is not for your mockery.

the traumatic experiences of another — regardless of what you fucking think — are not being shared specifically for your entertainment or enjoyment.

maybe some of y'all are sexual violence survivors who don't know what to do with your feelings. i used to be. really fucking insensitive, victim-blaming, and the like. i implore you to move on from that. please, go talk to a counselor or therapist. talk to someone you can trust. write it down. call a hotline. just … stay the fuck off the internet with that shit. stay away from children with that shit. stay away from grown folks with that shit, too.

because you're doing nothing constructive.  least of all, for yourselves. 

thank you, and good night. 

Emphasis, mine. Win, hers.


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