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"This culture, this habit, of eliminationist rhetoric is not happening in a ...


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This culture, this habit, of eliminationist rhetoric is not happening in a vacuum. It's happening in a culture of widely-available guns (thanks to conservative policies), of underfunded and unavailable medical care, especially mental health care (thanks to conservative policies), of a widespread belief that government is the enemy of the people (thanks to conservative rhetoric), and of millions of increasingly desperate people (thanks to an economy totally fucked by conservative governance).

The shooting in Tucson was not an anomaly. It was an inevitability.

And as long as we continue to play this foolish game of "both sides are just as bad," and rely on trusty old ablism to dismiss Jared Lee Loughner as a crackpot—dutifully ignoring that people with mental illness are more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators; carefully pretending that the existence of people with mental illness who are potentially dangerous somehow absolves us of responsibility for violent rhetoric, as opposed to serving to underline precisely why it's irresponsible—it will be inevitable again.

Let's get this straight: This shit doesn't happen in a void. It happens in a culture rife with violent political rhetoric, and it's time for conservatives to pull up their goddamn bootstraps and get to work doing the hard business of self-reflection.

This is one problem the invisible hand of the market can't fix for them—unless, perhaps, it's holding a mirror.



Shakesville: Let's Get This Straight

Yep. That said, we still have screwed up plenty on our own.

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i would love to see at least one bigger blogger discuss this in terms of white supremacy and militant nationalism. yes—all of these points in the article are true. but without mentioning white supremacy, militant nationalism, heteropatriarchy, homonationalism, etc along WITH those points (i.e. as long as we continue working to absolve the left rather than end violence)—violence will not end—it will not even be challenged. 

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