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What are you talking about? Why should I cut my dreads? What's wrong with a ...


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What are you talking about? Why should I cut my dreads? What's wrong with a Mohawk? Answers for white people on appropriation, hair and anti-racist struggle.:



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—by Colin Kennedy Donovan and Qwo-Li Driskill

Does this apply to Non-White peoples who practice things that do not belong to their native culture, such as yoga or wearing mohawks? Does cultural appropriation only apply to white people?

excellent question. in my opinion, it DOES apply. horizontal hostility happens all the time - though people of color oppress each other in different ways, because oppression works differently upon different groups.

aaminah has some really interesting things to say:

when white people do it, it's particularly vile to me. particularly clear-cut: NO. given their history and systemic power, it is absolutely unacceptable. when POC do it to each other, it's frustrating cuz I want so much for us to know better. to do our homework and think about the sources of our pain, and the sources of other people's pain, and do what we can for all of us. but "divide and conquer" has always been a useful strategy of white supremacy.

for me, it comes down to my guiding life principle: I am both oppressed and privileged, and it's my responsibility to fight for my freedom and manage my privilege so as to minimize harm. and would that everyone lived that way. I really don't know if human beings will survive as a species if we don't figure it out.


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