Tuesday, January 4, 2011

chelsea: unclear skin!!


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chelsea: unclear skin!!:


I used to have really clear skin and now I don't. Not by a long shot. I started to get acne when I was 17 years old. That was the same year I had an emotional breakdown. I think the two are connected in some way. Doctors say my acne was due to having PCOS and there is maybe some truth to that. My acne hurt really, really bad. It made my face very tender and sore. Anyway the point of this post is that I have broken out again. My face is never really clear but it has its moments. And it has its moments when it flares up. It usually happens after I've been super emotional about something. And it happens when I get my period. And sometimes those two things happen at the same time. 

I was thinking of documenting this somehow because I know a lot of people find acne really ugly because we're bombarded with images of clear skin and here's how to get clear skin blahblah. Maybe a zine. Getting stories from other people about their pimples and zits. Because it's not ugly! I like to think of them and my scars as proof that I am still here and got through my pain. Whether it be emotional pain or pain from the actual zit. But sometimes I still do think I am ugly because it's hard to not think that sometimes. SOOOO I don't know I've never made a zine before everever and I think I've finally found a topic I want to explore. I'll think about it. AHH.

Does anyone want to help???? Where my pimple people at? 

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