Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Afro Latina writer...


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To add to this list, I'd recommend Puerto Rican author Mayra Santos-Febres. 

I read her novel Nuestra señora de la noche /Our Lady of the Night  for a class I had on Caribbean sexuality in literature (taught by the fabulous gay, Rican scholar Larry La Fountain-Stokes! Seriously, like my fav profesor evarrr!). novel's about Isabel la Negra, an iconic Puerto Rican madam. It's a great story that deals with colorism, racism, latinidad, sexual violence, sex work, neocolonialism all in really complex ways that I for sure didn't completely understand. (we had to read the book in Spanish and write a reaction on it in just one week. Larry's a fun and brilliant prof but he plays NO GAMES with coursework! lol)  I actually just re-discovered this book in my basement and might read it again sometimes soon.  Or I might pick up Sirena Silena which is her most famous book.

Anyone else read anything by this author?


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