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from ColorOfChange: "Justice for Mayor Higginbotham; In Waterproof, LA a Bla...


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from ColorOfChange: "Justice for Mayor Higginbotham; In Waterproof, LA a Black mayor challenged White officials, and paid the price.":


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[…] The Mayor was forced out of office, prosecuted on trumped-up charges, and is now sitting in jail — without bail — as he waits for his chance to appeal his conviction.

Please call on District Attorney District Attorney James Paxton to drop all charges against Bobby Higginbotham and consent to his release from jail.

for the details, here's an article that's one of the references cited from the email they sent out about this [*trigger warning* for systemic racism including violence & murder]:

In Waterproof, a small northern Louisiana town near Natchez, Mississippi, the African American mayor and police chief assert that they have been forced from office and arrested as part of an illegal coup carried out by an alliance of white politicians and their followers. In a lawsuit filed last week, Police Chief Miles Jenkins asserts a wide-ranging conspiracy involving the area's district attorney and parish sheriff, along with several other members of the region's entrenched political power structure. These events come at a time of widespread and high-profile racist attacks against the US President and Black members of Congress nationwide, and in a state where white political corruption and violence have been and continue to be used as tools to suppress Black political representation.


and here's one of the other references cited by the CoC email (i'm only posting the two because the others were all either "Ibid."  or "see reference 1 [or 2]"):

3. "Town of Waterproof Advisory Services Report," Louisiana Legislative Auditor, 8-27-2008


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