Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cynical Idealism: Christchurch Earthquake, More Updates;


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Cynical Idealism: Christchurch Earthquake, More Updates;:


  • The emergency services are overloaded and can't be called now
  • New Zealand has put the plea out for international help now
  • 23 people are trapped in a building 17 floors up, as of 10 minutes ago they are being removed by cherry picker.
  • Two regions of Christchurch have been officially declared "unlivable"
  • Gas has been cut off from the city
  • Nobody in the city can call, there is no electricity either.
  • The highest state of emergency has been declared
  • The fatality number is still rising, and they refuse to speculate on how high it is.
  • The New Zealand Blood Donor service has put out an urgent plea for people to donate blood for the injured.


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