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Voice of Dr. Ghasan, Salmaniya Hospital, Manama Bahrain: "All the tanks are out in the street. They are shooting live ammunition. Can the world help us? Please! We called for help! We cannot accommodate these casualties in this hospital because - because it's barbaric! My people were shot in their heads - all were live ammunition! For sure I can guarantee for you it's a live ammunition! And now again, the, the, the police are preventing us from reaching the casualties. They don't want the casualties to be taken to the hospital. We are in a war zone. I mean, these people are just elephants. They were demonstrating - these police. They were on their way into the hospital, after they finished the body of the martyr. They were on their way to the hospital. It was just a peaceful walk. They weren't shouting slogans, they were doing nothing, absolutely nothing. They just finished the body. I mean, it was so peaceful. At the end, they were shot! So it's intentional. They were coming to visit the patient. I mean, it's hard to believe. Everybody here in the hospital are running on their toes - all the doctors, all the nurses, all the paramedics, everybody is trying to help, and at the we stopped! Because there aren't any more patients getting into the hospital - They stopped them. They stopped them from getting into the hospital because they stopped the ambulances from reaching there. They were just, I, I, I would say hardly a hundred meters from the hospital. But apparently it's, it's a prevailed, it's a fabricated a scene, you know, they were prepared to do this. They intentionally have done this. Otherwise how can a tank reach this area? How can it get into this area? Because these are more cul-de-sacs, more roads! You cannot get tanks into there! So they've stopped into an area where they can reach there. So it's a prepared thing, that's the way I can describe it. All the casualties were shot in their heads. In the heads injury. The brain, edge - it's fragmented. The chips, heart, everywhere - I, it's intentional killing! The intention was to kill them! It's not to injure them! They don't want to injure anymore, because you have enough injuries. They want to kill as many people as they can. They want to stop these people from demonstrating; the only way to stop them is by killing them. That's the only way to stop that. We should have the, the, liberty to survive, we should have a democratic life, we should have a say into - into what the government is doing! And on the ambulance [unintelligible], there are people [unintelligible] on the streets, they are, they are left to death! Probably they were killed, probably they were - I don't know, speaking somewhere else, because this is what happened on Thursday! They've carried all these bodies somewhere else, they have hidden them! In the refrigerator, they're taking the ambulances somewhere else! We don't know what happened! We have sixty missing people so far! These are the people that we have [unintelligible] so far!"


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