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UK hairstylists not giving black women credit where it’s due?


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Nicki Minaj rocking one of her signature wigs

A black woman sporting colorful weave at a recent Bronner Brother's Hair Show

UK reader Christina submitted this interesting piece from the London Evening Standard. It features two hairstylists from the UK town of Dalston who claim they are responsible for the colorful hair trend. They also throw shade at Nicki Minaj, who they say has been influenced by them, and Lady Gaga;

"I don't think it is coming out of the rap scene in America, but from street style in London," says Brownsell. "She [Minaj] is seeing Gaga, who definitely gets inspiration from London street style."

Click here for the full article. Reader Christina says;

1) Any black girl sporting a weave like this after 1999 would be considered GHETTO/YARDIE/HOOD! Making it hardly a new trend.

2) Dalston is densely populated with black people, sporting any number of ever changing weaves, including dip dye. So that leaves one to wonder where the inspiration can from. Side note: In fact the number of ethnic 'minorities' (60%) out number British whites (40%) (

Sam Teasdale I don't mind that you've managed to sell this style to a number of bandwagon celebs but please give black women and all their hair eccentricities credit where it is due. Admit it! This is not your signature 'look'. You spotted it on a black girl about 10 years ago.

I am inclined to agree, and I actually spoke out about this in a recent post. I also think about the punk/punk rock community, that was experimenting with color long before it was popular.

What are your thoughts?


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