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on that last note (ie grrrl gangs): kay, yaz, have you seen born in flames (by lizzie borden)?


[video description: a clip from Lizzie Borden's Born in Flames. Depicts a whit woman on a subway car wearing an olive suit reading a book.  A man sits directly next to her on the subway seat.  She slides over a bit for space and he moves toward her again.  Though she is clearly absorbed in her book, the man tries to speak to her (the words are incoherent, the noise of the subway is too loud) and points to things in her book.  It is clear that he is harassing her.  The shot cuts to two badass grrrls, one who is tall and Black with short hair and is somewhat androgynous looking, and the other is slightly shorter with a curly mullet-ish hairstyle and heavy eye makeup.  They see what is happening and walk over to the harasser and the Black woman asks him, "Hey, why don't you leave the lady alone, she bothering you?" The man looks confused, so she repeats, "she bothering you?"  The man has a disgusted look on his face and replies, "What are you?  I mean, man or woman?"  She doesn't respond to him, but rather says something (that I can't quite make out) to the woman who was being harassed, and the woman stands up, thanks her, and walks away.  The man stands up as well, but the Black woman stands tall between him and his victim and doesn't allow him to pass.  A voiceover says:  "Well, I wouldn't exactly call them terrorists, but I do know that they're responsible for those bicycle incidents.  It's not a big deal, but what IS the problem is the vigilante sensibility.  Procedures?  Nothing premature, just watch 'em, put some pressure on them at their jobs." (maybe??? that last few words is somewhat undistinguishable but that's my best guess)  During the voiceover the two girl gangsters surround the man and he tries to bicker with them but eventually backs down and walks away.]

YES YES BORN IN FLAMES. All the happiest moments in my life, all the times I win, are somehow relateable to this movie. It is AMAZING. It is the definition of fierce.

This was the feature when we had an anarchist film festival here last summer, and it made me so happy that we agreed on this as a big movie to talk showcase anarchism, and not just more white able-bodied dude riot porn.


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