Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Context: abudai just came back from a committee meeting about sending aid to Libya.

dorkery: If there's any way the tumblr community can help by means of donations in order to help fund the aid, please drop a line at http://tumblraid.tumblr.com!

yeah, this is a major problem and we discussed it at the meeting tonight. i can absolutely assure you that Muslims Without Borders has organized a medical convoy to libya from alexandria (and i know this because my cousin's husband had me write the mission statement and is going to be on the convoy himself) but unfortunately there's no official website or place to donate. we're working on that. but if you'd like to take my word for it that muslims without borders is a LEGIT organization, than you can go ahead and send money earmarked specifically for libya.

otherwise, you'll have to wait, and i know that answer sucks. but we'll be in talks with several organizations and i promise this is the first place i'll post any info when i do get it.

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