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Radical Hott Off Notes: feeling really sad...


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Radical Hott Off Notes: feeling really sad...:


and shocked—like slapped in the face over the death sentence verdict in the brisenia flores trail. I can't feel even momentary joy that I then talk myself through. i never expected this death sentence. i'm from michigan. where as fucked up as things are…we don't have the death penalty.

i just feel sad. like…this death sentence does not dismantle the white supremacist organization. it doesn't get the organization called a white supremacist org by mainstream media. It doesn't dismantle the white supremacist heteronationalist fevor started by George Bush (but really our "founding fathers") and increased by Obama—

it doesn't even help people to see that Brisenia was a United States fucking citizen rather than an "illegal" and the great crime in the eyes of the law was that her murderers killed citizens and not illegals.

it doesn't dismantle a mainstream press that sees Brisenia as an illegal or an anchor baby rather than a child who, like the 9 year old girl killed after her, went to school and laughed and had friends and played games and liked to explore the sand and bugs and plants of her homeland. 

nothing's changed. just now—an individual murderer that was encouraged to do what she did and feel what she did by a system that too often would do the exact same thing she did and call it an "accident"—is now going to be murdered as well. so that maybe none of us look too closely at that system.

this whole thing is just really sad. 

and it's not justice.


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