Monday, February 28, 2011

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These are young boys from Stuyvesant High School (Ardi Demaliaj, Loren Weiss, Peter Ferguson, Arthur Rentzler and Joseph L. among them). Yes, Stuyvesant High School. Supposedly the number one high school in New York City. These boys are supposedly the best and the brightest. They are spewing hatred and talking about a young Black woman who attends the school. I wrote a letter to the principal of this school, Stanley Teitel, asking that these boys be reprimanded and he refused to disclose any information to me in terms of how this situation would be dealt with. Please help me spread this video around to show what truly goes on in institutions like this. The overt racist acts perpetrated against these young Black children, who are unfortunately a small minority in these larger white institutions. Help me to make a change. We have to stop things like this from continuing. It is not enough to simply give these boys a pat on the wrist. This is not just an isolated, individual incident. This is what is, and has been, going on for many years now. Something MUST be done!


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